Circular Globe
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Understanding the circular economy

What is a circular economy?

  • Our society of waste is overstepping its boundaries. – A circular economy opens paths to an economic system of the future

  • Natural resources have become a weighty topic, due to the global economic growth and our consumption. All stakeholders need to act.

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Implementing a circular economy

How do I implement the circular economy?

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Measuring the circular economy

How do I know, where I stand?

By completinga Circular Globe Assessment

Communicating the circular economy

How do I share my achievements with the world?

The Circular Globe Label

For everyone who has embarked on the journey towards a circular economy. 

We are delighted to explain the benefits and impact Circular Globe can have on your organisation personally.

Severin Boser Implenia

Thanks to Circular Globe we can continuously develop and improve our circular business models and credibly communicate our commitment.

Severin Boser Head Implenia Real Estate Products

Circular Globe is

a European initiative by SQS and Quality Austria

an innovative Label to support people and organisations in 
making sustainable and circular decisions

a model to assess the circular maturity of organisations

suitable for organisations of any type and size 

a community for committed stakeholders and proven experts within the circular economy

a training academy


Achieving goals together