The label for circular companies

We evaluate the circular maturity of organisations with our assessment model

Circular Globe in four steps.

01 Understanding the circular economy

Step 1

Developing an understanding for a circular economy and reviewing the context of ones own organisation.

02 Implementing a circular economy

Step 2

Start creating a circular organisation. The Circular Globe Criteria Catalogue can serve as a framework for this.

03 Measuring the circular economy

Step 3

Book your Circular Globe assessment. Our experts evaluate your company according to the Circular Globe criteria and your organisation will receive a benchmarkable maturity score.

04 Communicating the circular economy

Step 4

Upon successful completion ot the assessment, your organisation will be eligible to communicate your efforts and achievements with the world through the Circular Globe Label.

Step 1

What defines a circular economy?

A circular economy opens pathways for a new form of sustainable economic development - as a contribution towards a future worth living.


Step 2

The Circular Globe Criteria

(available in English and German - shop page currently only in German. Translations follow in early 2023)

Step 3

Assessment - this is how it works

Step 4

The Circular Globe Label


The assessment results in a score between 0 and 1000 points. Organisations with more than 400 points are eligible for a Circular Globe Label.

Three maturity levels are attainable for the label types "Organisation" and "Ecosystem". Displayed below is an example of these three levels for the Circular Globe "Ecosystem" Label.

400 points and above

Circular Globe_Ecosystem lv-1

600 points and above

Circular Globe_Ecosystem lv-2

800 points and above

Circular Globe_Ecosystem lv-3

Step 0 - this is where the journey begins

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(available in English and German - shop page currently only in German. Translations follow in early 2023) 

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Receive clear and actionable measures with the Circular Globe criteria catalogue. This will help you to:

  • save resources and reduce costs
  • enhance your credibility within the topic of sustainability
  • do what is right and support a future worth living

The 239 criteria within this catalogue ar the basis of our Circular Globe Label assessments.